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Snowboarding is a relatively new idea that has really expanded in the last few years to the point that it is considered the fastest growing winter sport. This truly is amazing considering the history of snowboarding and the opinions of it skiers have held.

Skiing has always been considered a refined sport that has been around for years and is understood by all, however this comfort was challenged by snowboarders. Snowboarding was seen by many to be a wild and crazy idea, a sport for kids that disrupted the peace of the slopes.

The truth is snowboarding is a wild and crazy idea and most likely will become your next winter obsession. In fact 80% of all new people going to ski hills take up snowboarding. Why? Snowboarding is easy to learn the basic tricks are easy to pick-up, the sport itself presents a new way to enjoy ski slopes and is allowed on all ski hills now.

Snowboarding offers a lot of flexibility to people. With the same equipment you will be able to slalom through powder, enjoy the same ski runs that you had before launch of jumps or perform amazing tricks in a giant snow bowl. And the best part, if you don not already have your equipment, is the rental shop. Due to the high demand for snowboarding equipment, most major manufactures provide rental shops with top of the line equipment in the hopes that you will buy their brands later.

One key element to getting the most out of snowboarding, especially for your first time, is to be prepared. As is true for any sport, stretching is important. You will be trying something new meaning you will be using new muscles.

The exercises to perform are fairly simple and mimic many of the actions that you will be using when snowboarding. Start with general stretching of you back especially arching backwards and to the sides. Move on to rocking from the your toes to heels. Then try lying on your back and drawing your knees to your chest. Of course any kind of regular exercise will also help.

The next step is the big day. You will want to ensure that you wear loose, comfortable and basically waterproof clothing. Get a good night sleep and eat a light breakfast. And just before entering the ski lodge, do some light stretching to limber up.

Now there is only one final step, learning from an instructor. This is an absolute must for everyone and often is included with your equipment rental. Everyone moves in a different way and rides a snowboard in a slightly different manor. An instructor knows how to identify what foot is the correct one for you to have forward, how much of an angle your feet should be at and how best to use your body when snowboarding. Most people who learn from a friend never try it again.

After a little time with an instructor you will be ready for the hills. Snowboarding is a magically event that will offer you more challenges and more exhilaration than any thing else. For this reason it is easy to understand why snowboarding's popularity is growing so quickly.

Latest snowboarding articles

360 airs a killer move with vast possibilities
Because of the vast number of possible variations of 360 airs it is reasonable to call a 360 air the most important and noticeable trick for snowboarding.

» Bonking - The snowboarders "high five"
Bonking is on of those strange little things that people do for the fun of it or to make a person jump.

» Variations to add to aerial movements
Two common last minute movements to add to your routine are Late Spins and Reverts.

» How to wheelie like a pro on a snowboard
Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating does and most likely much further.

» Layback slides and slashes
Layback slides and slashes are an extreme maneuver that originated with surfing. When surfing, a surfer would literally lay back on a wave and ride it before rising to stand again.

» Nose & tail rolls
How do you switch from riding Fakie to riding regular? Many times when landing we end up riding Fakie and you may wish to revert back to riding regular.

» Snowboarding at night
Nighttime snowboarding is another aspect of snowboarding that is unlike any other that you may have tried so far.

» Skidded turns and beyond
For many beginners, learning to turn on a snowboard can be rather challenging and unnerving.

» The key to stopping is sideslipping
Sideslipping is one of the most important skills that you can learn while on the slopes.

» Lift lines: The bane of snowboarding and all other activities
As is true with almost everything else that we do on a daily basis, a line must be entered and waited out. Of course the lifts on a hill are no different.

» Snowboarding helmets
We all know that not everyone uses their head as much as they should but this is no reason to not protect it.

» Snowboarding jackets
Winter jackets have changed a lot over the years as technology has improved. The best solution used to be those big, puffy, down filled jackets.

» Snowboarding boots
The boots that you wear when snowboarding will make a huge difference with your ability to control your snowboard and your comfort on the hill.

» The base trick for all other tricks, snowboards flex
The flex of a snowboard is a non-quantifiable factor that determines the performance of your snowboard.

» The sexy shape of a snowboard
Everyone knows that an hourglass figure turns heads. Not as many people know that the same figure is also behind the design of modern snowboards.

» The costs of snowboarding
As with any other recreational activity there is always a startup cost and it is the startup cost that is the killer.

» Alpine snowboarding
Alpine snowboarding is for those of you who are a little more extreme about speed than most.

» Freeriding
If you are a skier, enjoy the peace of the outdoors, enjoy powder snow, enjoy a little trick riding or just like to enjoy the slopes then this is the style for you.

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