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We have put together a list of our favorite cambered snowboards to help you buy the ideal one for you. We have based decisions on their tech, price, and how they perform on piste, in powder, and in the park. Due to their characteristics, these snowboards are best suited to intermediate to advanced riders.

More snowboard manufacturers are making weird and wonderful profiles. But some riders prefer the feel of a traditional cambered profile. The Burton Custom Camber is a fantastic all-rounder with excellent edge hold and a fast base, but the YES Standard is a great choice for float in deep powder.

The cambered profile means there is a lot of pressure on the contact points, providing excellent edge hold on hard-packed snow and ice. This allows you to carve with more precision and control thanks to more responsiveness and stability.

Best Camber Snowboards

Comparison of the Top Camber Snowboards

SnowboardOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
YES standard
YES Standard
74Top Pick
Great all-mountain snowboard that delivers in powder
Check Out On Amazon
Arbor Crosscut
Arbor Crosscut
72A high-end freeride board for advanced ridersCheck Out On Amazon
Nitro Team Camber
Nitro Team Camber
72Budget Buy
A hard charger without being too demanding
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Burton Custom Camber
Burton Custom Camber
74High End
A great all-mountain snowboard that’s fun to jump
Check Out On Burton

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Camber Snowboards

A cambered snowboard has a profile that arches upward in the middle, with contact points at the tip and tail. This profile shape has many benefits to enhance your snowboarding experience.

A cambered snowboard provides more pop and power than other profiles. The arch in the middle of the board stores energy, which can be released for more explosive turns and jumps.

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of cambered snowboards in my article.

1.    YES Standard Snowboard – Best for Powder

Review - YES standard
Top Pick

Overall Score: 74


  • Great snowboard for someone who wants to do a bit of everything
  • Excellent edge hold
  • Floaty in powder, especially when you set the bindings back


  • Although it’s possible to jib, there are better boards suited to this type of riding


The YES Standard snowboard features a camber profile with a slight rocker in the nose and tail. This provides a stable and responsive ride with excellent edge hold.

It has a medium-stiff flex, which provides a balance between stability and playfulness. The Standard is built around a wood core made from a combination of poplar and bamboo.

This construction is lightweight and durable, which is both strong and lively.

The base is sintered and made from high-quality materials that provide excellent speed and durability. YES has given the Standard a directional shape, which means the nose is slightly longer than the tail.

This provides stability and control when riding at high speeds and allows for easier turn initiation.

Do check out my article on the benefits and problems with directional snwoboards.

On top of all this, the Standard features YES’s unique Underbite Edge technology, which places additional contact points along the edges of the board.

Therefore you get extra grip and control in hard-packed snow and icy conditions.


This snowboard carves nicely, thanks to the edge technology and camber shape. Making basic turns is also quite forgiving, and the edges are pretty catch-free.

You love how stable the yes Standard is at speed. It’s not on par with a freeride board, but it definitely holds its own when you are charging.


The YES Standard floats well in powder, but it would be even better if you were to take the time to adjust the stance by bringing the bindings closer to the tail slightly, especially in exceptionally deep powder.

The shape of the Standard is what YES calls a “directional volume twin,” meaning it is a true twin, but there’s a little less material in the tail that benefits your powder riding without compromising piste performance.


This snowboard is lots of fun on jumps and for spinning. When landing, the camber between your feet gives you lots of pop and stability.

The centered stance makes spinning comfortable, as does the lightweight core. The core gives the YES Standard a snappy feel making it easy to pop and spin on the ground or in the air.


The Yes Standard is not a cheap snowboard, but it is a do-all quiver killer. This makes it a reasonably good value for money as it will do the job of different kinds of snowboards in one neat package.

2. Arbor Crosscut Snowboard

Review - Arbor Crosscut

Overall Score: 72


  • Great in powder
  • Excellent for carving on hardpacked snow and ice


  • Although it is good at jumps, this is not really a park board


The Arbor Crosscut has a medium flex, making it stable and playful in true Arbor style. It has a sustainably sourced Highland Core, made from a combination of poplar and paulownia wood.

It provides a lightweight construction that is strong while providing agile ride characteristics.

Its sintered base is fast and durable, while the directional shape provides added float in powder and stability at high speeds.

The board features Arbor’s Grip Tech sidecut, which places two additional contact points along each edge for added grip and control in hardpacked and icy conditions.

All these features create an excellent snowboard for freeriders who want something a little more forgiving but still capable on various terrain types.


The camber shape and grip tech technology make the Crosscut an enjoyable board to carve on the groomers. It holds its edge exceptionally well, so you can enjoy long, drawn-out carves while getting low.

With the setback stance, you’ll find the tail easy to release for slashing and skid turns. Thanks to the profile and shorter tail, you can also go from edge to edge quickly, even at slow speeds.

The sintered base means you’ll have a fast snowboard, but I wouldn’t say it was the fastest you could buy. However, the high level of stability allows you to charge with confidence.


As this is a freeride snowboard with a directional shape, you can expect it to perform well in powder.

This is enhanced by the tapered tail and setback stance, which helps the tail to sink in soft snow while keeping you afloat.


The Arbor Crosscut isn’t designed for the park. Still, it has a good amount of pop when you put the effort in. The ability to go from edge to edge quickly allows you to adjust your approach to jumps easily.

The stiffness makes landings stable, but the shorter tale makes tail-heavy landings tricky to ride out.

However, if you like hunting for side hits and small jumps, the Arbor Crosscut will suit you well, as it is lots of fun.


The Arbor Crosscut is quite an expensive snowboard suited to advanced riders looking for an excellent freeride-focused weapon.

It’s the kind of snowboard you would be happy to pay extra for if you use it for the style of riding it is designed for.

3. Nitro Team Camber Snowboard

Review - Nitro Team Camber
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 72


  • You can get a lot out of this snowboard with not much effort
  • Great for aggressive snowboarders
  • Agile for quick changes in direction


  • Not a good choice for beginners and low-intermediate riders

If you are also looking for a good intermediate snowboard, check out my article on the best snowboards for intermediate riders.


The Nitro Team Camber has a medium-stiff flex, thanks to Nitro’s Powerlite Core.

This core combines poplar and beech wood, providing a lightweight and durable construction that is strong and has plenty of pop.

The Sintered Speed Formula HD Base has high abrasion resistance, excellent wax absorption, and provides lots of speed when on the snow.

The directional twin shape makes the Nitro Team Camber a versatile snowboard. It works best when you ride it regular, but it also performs well when you ride switch.

The shape gives you good float in powder and stability when you are riding fast.

On top of this, the board features Nitro’s Progressive Sidecut, which combines multiple sidecut radii to provide a smoother turn initiation and exit.

This technology also provides added edge hold and control in icy conditions.


You’ll like how this snowboard turns and carves if you are an aggressive rider.

Its snappiness makes hard turns easy, and you don’t feel you need to put much effort into your carves, and skid turns feel natural and comfortable.

Maneuverability is nicely balanced, so whipping it around trees and obstacles should not be a problem for anyone.

Additionally, Nitro has made this snowboard nice and stable at speed, so you can feel confident when letting the board run.


The Nitro Team Camber snowboard is reasonably good in powder as long as it isn’t too deep.

You may find riding in exceptionally deep powder challenging even with the setback stance and slightly longer nose.


This snowboard is a nice park board thanks to its balanced qualities.

By this, I mean it has good pop, which is easy to access without too much effort, but if you really put some effort in, you will get more spring when hitting jumps.

You’ll like how solid it feels when it comes to landing jumps, but it isn’t completely unforgiving when your landings are not quite perfect.

The nimbleness of this snowboard makes it fun for side hits as you can easily adjust for tricky approaches, and the accessible pop helps you boost off them.


Nitro has priced the Team Camber snowboard in line with other aggressive, all-mountain snowboards.

It is suitable for intermediate to expert riders who want a hard-charging snowboard that isn’t too demanding on your body.

You can ride it casually, too, as you don’t have to put all your effort into it to get the most out of the snowboard.

This may be too expensive and aggressive for the beginner rider and even a little bit too much for low intermediates.

Therefore, if you fall into these categories, you may want something a little more forgiving and less expensive.

4. Burton Custom Camber Snowboard – Best on Piste and in the Park

Review - Burton Custom Camber
High End

Overall Score: 74


  • A hard-charging snowboard
  • Excellent for jumping and forgiving on landings
  • Great build, quality
  • Superb warranty


  • Not the best snowboard for powder, but it works
  • It’s expensive


The cambered version of the Burton Custom has a medium-stiff flex to make it suitable for high-speed carving and maneuvering but also forgiving enough for park and freestyle riding.

It also has Burton’s Super Fly II 700G Core, made from a combination of strong and lightweight woods, providing a lively and responsive ride while being durable.

Burton has given this snowboard a sintered base and a directional shape. It also has the Frostbite Edges, which extend the edge of the board slightly to provide added grip and control in icy conditions.

The edges are also slightly serrated to provide added bite and traction.


The Burton Custom Camber is an excellent snowboard to carve on. This is thanks to the cambered profile and edge technology.

The side cut radius is just about right for medium-sized carves, which makes turning extremely satisfying, but you can also open your carves out into long arcs across the snow.

You’ll find this snowboard pretty agile at slow speeds and can change edges without much effort.

It’s also lots of fun to slash; with a little bit of effort, you can get the tail to release, which is good considering the profile and flex rating.

Burton makes good bases, and this snowboard is no exception. The Burton Custom Camber feels stable at high speeds, but don’t expect it to be as high performing as a Custom X.


This kind of snowboard doesn’t really excel in powder, but it will work in the soft stuff when you need it to. This is thanks to the longer nose and slight setback stance.

But don’t expect it to be extremely floaty when it’s nipple deep.


Hitting jumps on the Burton Custom Camber is an absolute joy. It has lots of pop that is easy to access, but there is more in reserve when you really put the effort in.

There is lots of stability and maneuverability when approaching jumps, and landings are forgiving.


The Burton Custom Camber is an expensive snowboard but offers versatility and extremely good build quality. And remember, you get Burton’s excellent warranty for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

If you love the traditional feel of a cambered snowboard, there are still many options to choose from.

Some manufacturers sneak in a little bit of rocker at the nose and tail for performance in powder, but this isn’t a bad thing.

Before you choose your new snowboard, it is best to think about your riding style and the type of terrain that you prefer.

However, this list gives you some good options to help you progress as a snowboarder.

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