Best Snowboarding Games For Android | Winter Forever!

Unfortunately, not everyone can spend all their free time shredding the mountains. So we have to find other ways of getting our snowboard fix. Our phones provide many opportunities for scratching the winter itch by giving us access to videos and some great games.

We have compiled a list of the best snowboarding games for Android users to stay entertained, whether traveling to the resort or dreaming of snowier times.

It’s great to try them all out, but if you want to play the best snowboarding game for Android, check out Alto’s Adventure for its stunning environments, addictive gameplay, and high level of fun.

As lovers of all things snowboarding, we have put together a list of the best snowboarding games to keep the winter spirit alive.

The Best Android Snowboarding Games

Compare Top Snowboard Games For Android

GameOverall ScoreBottom LineLink
Snowboard Party
Snowboard Party
80Great for seemingly endless trick combosCheck Out On Google Play
Snowboard Master 3D
Snowboard Master 3D
80Entertaining game, it but has dated graphicsCheck Out On Google Play
Crazy Snowboard
Crazy Snowboard
74Like a snowboard version of Tony Hawk gamesCheck Out On Google Play
Alto's Adventure
Alto’s Adventure
84Top Pick
A stunning game with excellent gameplay
Check Out On Google Play
Downhill Crazy Snowboard Games
Downhill Crazy
78Simple and lots of funCheck Out On Google Play
Snowboard Party World Tour
Snowboard Party WT
80Great for those who want an upgrade from its predecessorCheck Out On Google Play
Snowboard Freestyle Mountain
Freestyle Mountain
76Basic graphics, but fun.Check Out On Google Play

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Snowboarding Games For Android

1. Snowboard Party

Snowboard Party- review

Overall Score: 80


  • Great graphics
  • Lots to do and unlock
  • Many trick combinations


  • The characters don’t move very naturally


Snowboard Party puts you into three different snowboard competitions, big air, freestyle, and halfpipe, giving you a nice variety of options.

You can choose between 11 characters as you unlock them throughout the game, all of which are customizable.

To earn points, you stitch together combinations of 50 different tricks with potentially hundreds of combinations.

Snowboard Party allows you to play by yourself or online in multiplayer mode.


The graphics are basic but pretty good, with well-designed characters, courses, and scenery. Your character doesn’t move very naturally, nor does the snow spray when you turn.

However, these issues are nitpicky and don’t really affect gameplay.

You get a quick flyover of each course before you set off, which is a nice touch that psyches you up for your run.


Snowboard Party is a fun game, but I recommend you turn the control sensitivity up to the maximum for the best experience.

The controls are easy to use and pretty natural, as gradual and sharp turns are intuitive. There are a couple of things that would improve this game.

Firstly, it would be great if each character had a signature move to give it a wow factor; also, the courses become a little too similar after a while.

However, if you are familiar with and enjoy the retro SSX Tricky, Snowboard Party will keep you entertained for a while.

It is really satisfying when you dial in those landings and put together a seamless run. In the multiplayer mode, you can pitch yourself against online players.

So you can claim bragging rights when you beat your friends.

In-Game Purchases

There are various in-game purchases, such as experience points, to accelerate you through the game. Purchases range from $0.99 – $69.99 per item, so be careful what you pay for.


Snowboard Party is free to download, as all good mobile games should be.

2. Snowboard Master 3D

Snowboard Master 3D- review

Overall Score: 80


  • Fast-paced
  • Lots of competitions and courses
  • Similar to big-hit retro snowboard games


  • Dated graphics


If you are looking for a fast-paced snowboard game for Android, Snowboard Master 3D is a great option. It features a wide variety of competitions to take part in.

The various courses are packed with jumps and obstacles on which you perform tricks to win money. With this money, you unlock new ski resorts, equipment, and riders, enhancing the gameplay experience.


The graphics are a little dated, as this game is a few years old now.

However, you can expect 3D imagery and smooth scrolling without any lag, which is pretty important, as games that stutter are highly annoying.


Even though Snowboard Master is getting old, the gameplay is still great. It is on par with classic console games such as SSX Tricky and Cool Boarders.

You control your snowboarder’s direction with the virtual D-Pad on the left of your screen and perform tricks with the jump button on the right.

When you perform tricks, the turbo bar fills up, which increases speeds, allowing you to win races and progress more quickly.

In-Game Purchases

There are some features that you can unlock with real money. These will help you progress through the game but are only necessary if you are a hard-core gamer.


You don’t have to pay to download and play Snowboard Master 3D.

3. Crazy Snowboard

Crazy Snowboard- review

Overall Score: 74


  • Nearly as fun as the Tony Hawk games
  • Free-play mode for just riding around
  • Sharp graphics for its age


  • In-game purchases are pricey


Crazy Snowboard is another retro snowboard game for Android.

But this one is reminiscent of the Tony Hawk games, as it features mission-based gameplay and an option to play freely and mess about on the mountain, just like in real life.

The goal is to score as many points as possible from tricks and winning races. Points translate to cash prizes you can use to buy new snowboards, characters, etc.


Even though Crazy Snowboard is quite an old game, the graphics still look pretty good and are comparable to most other 3D games of the time.

The characters and backgrounds are a little simplistic, but the snowboards look great. These slight imperfections don’t negatively affect the gaming experience.


This game is very addictive thanks to its high-scoring nature, coaxing you to have just one more go. This is helped by responsive and accurate controls.

If you have ever enjoyed any of the Tony Hawk games, you will like Crazy Snowboard, as you get a similar experience when you attempt new and complex tricks.

In-Game Purchases

You can buy a few things to make the game more interactive, but each item costs $5.49, so take care with what you tap on and agree to.


Free to download and play from Google Play.

4. Alto’s Adventure

_Alto's Adventure-review
Top Pick

Overall Score: 84


  • A beautiful game
  • Addictive
  • Lots of fun


  • The dark levels make obstacles difficult to see
  • Your phone battery won’t last long enough


Alto’s Adventure endlessly scrolls as you snowboard down a mountain while hitting big jumps, dodging obstacles, and collecting coins (some say it never ends).

The goal is to last as long as possible and go the distance. The Alto character is a young shepherd boy using his snowboard to catch stray llamas which have escaped from the family farm.

While he searches for the llamas, he does tricks, avoids rocks, and jumps over crevasses on his snowboard. You are taken back to the beginning to start again when you make a mistake.

As you progress through the mountains, you collect other items that give Alto abilities that make it easier for him to dodge obstacles and collect more coins.

You can buy items with the coins between levels that give you even more abilities for flying and jumping further.


The graphics are simple but stunning.

They really suit the style of the game, and they flow perfectly without any stuttering, even when the graphics get more complicated when you ride through forests and villages.

The simple style is elegant, with various backdrops and weather patterns to mix up the environments. Some levels take place at night, which provides unique challenges.

One of the downsides of these levels is that the darkness makes seeing the obstacles pretty challenging, so you may want to turn the brightness up on your phone.


You will love playing this snowboarding game, thanks to its stunning visuals and addictive nature. You just want to keep progressing further to see what beautiful environments are waiting for you.

This is the kind of mobile game that keeps you occupied for hours, perfect for long flights and bus rides. If I’m being picky, it could do with some more features like power-ups and gadgets.

For that, you may want to stray over to the dark side and download Ski Safari, which offers many more upgrades and ways to level up.

In-Game Purchases

You can unlock various features within the game. The prices vary from $0.99 to $9.99 per item.


Another great free download.

5. Downhill Crazy Snowboard Games

Downhill Crazy Snowboard Games - review

Overall Score: 78


  • A varied game to keep you entertained
  • Great gameplay


  • The cutesy graphics may be a bit too childish for some


Downhill Crazy Snowboard Games is a little bit like Alto’s Adventure in the way it is a continuous runner that scrolls as you make your way through the game.

The main difference is that your characters move downwards rather than sideways across the screen. You play with a customizable character who jumps over rocks, forest animals, and trees.

There are daily rewards to keep you interested, achievements to unlock, and online rankings.


The graphics are not realistic, but that is down to its style. The characters and environments are cutesy rather than serious. Expect brightly colored outfits and cartoon-like mountains.

The simple graphics mean that your phone’s processing power can cope. Therefore, your progress through the 3D worlds seamlessly and without lag.


There are a few different ways you can enjoy this game, thanks to the variety of challenges and courses. There is also a snowboard competition where you aim to get to the top of the rankings.

The format will be familiar if you have played a continuous runner-style game before. It involves jumping, turning, and avoiding things that will cause you to lose a life.

Downhill Snowboard Games is very addictive, so you will find your time and phone battery disappearing without you noticing.

This addictive nature is enhanced when you customize your character and discover new ways down the mountains while avoiding the various hazards, including the mythical yeti!

In-Game Purchases

There are a few in-game purchases, such as buying extra spins on the wheel of Fortune. This allows you to unlock features, but you don’t need to if you just want to progress through the game.


This game is a great free download, so you can play without paying a penny.

6. Snowboard Party World Tour

Snowboard Party World Tour - review

Overall Score: 80


  • A great continuation of Snowboard Party
  • Even more trick combos
  • Improved graphics
  • Lots to keep you invested


  • You may find it a little too similar to Snowboard Party


This game is one of the follow-ups to Snowboard Party and is a great download if you have enjoyed and completed the first version.

The sequel expands on its predecessor with more game modes, characters, and courses. You can expect to perform even more tricks, enhancing the fun.


Even with the more arcade-like style of this game, Snowboard Party World Tour improves the way the riders move and perform their tricks.

The developers have even made the riders leave tracks in the snow, adding a little more detail.

The environments you ride in have also been improved with more animations and attention to detail in the backgrounds.

The result is a more immersive experience, leaving you curious about what the next course will bring you.


Snowboard Party World Tour is more of an arcade game than a simulation, so it offers more fun than realism.

The style of snowboard 2 creates an incredible sensation of speed during some very involving races which fight off any monotony.

As you charge down each race course, there are plenty of opportunities to score extra points by pulling off spectacular tricks.

The mixture of speed and freestyle riding make Snowboard Party World Tour an entertaining game to play wherever you are.

The controls will be familiar if you have played the first version of this game. But some reminders pop up before each session to refresh your memory and help you work on particular tricks to earn higher scores.


Snowboard Freestyle Mountain is a free download.

In-game Purchases

There are many in-game purchases; you can play for free but the game has been designed to help you accelerate your journey and enhance your skills if you choose to pay and have an edge against ‘free’ players.

7. Snowboard Freestyle Mountain

Snowboard Freestyle Mountain - review

Overall Score: 76


  • Create your own snowparks
  • Customizable characters
  • Entertaining gameplay


  • Dated graphics
  • The characters move unnaturally, like a beginner snowboarder.


Snowboard Freestyle Mountain is quite a basic game designed for a quick shred when you have some time on your hands. You can ride 4 premade snow parks featuring rails, big kickers, and halfpipes.

But the best part about this game is that you can build your own custom snowpark. This feature gives you access to over 15 different features, allowing you to create your perfect dream snowpark.

In addition, you can equip your character with different snowboards and fit them out in various clothing.


The graphics are very basic, but it is quite an old game now. However, the features in the snowpark are well-defined and stand out from the background, which is all you need when trying to perfect your tricks.

You won’t be impressed by the character’s graphics, though, as they have an old-school polygon structure that lacks detail.

Your character doesn’t move very naturally either and has an awkward stance an instructor would scold you for.


Even with the basic graphics, the gameplay of Snowboard Freestyle Mountain is quite entertaining. You can perform many different tricks, which become more impressive as you progress.

Throughout the game, you earn skill points that you can trade in to level up your character’s abilities. For example, you can make them jump higher, spin faster, and slide on rails for longer.

The best part of this game is the custom snowparks. Most people will find this part entertaining, especially when you tweak your park to create inventive lines that suit your style and ability.


Snowboard Freestyle Mountain is a free download.

In-game Purchases

There are no in-game purchases; you have to play through with your own skills.

Final Thoughts

Mobile phone games have improved immensely over the years. It’s incredible that we can access this technology just by reaching into our pockets.

The best snowboarding games for Android take us to dream destinations, allow us to play as our favorite riders, and enter fantasy worlds.

Some of these games are more basic than others, but often the gameplay is still lots of fun.

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A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not digging my head deep into the world of snowboarding, tricks, techniques, and related safety measures.

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