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Sometimes, riding in a snowboard jacket is too much. They can restrict your movement and be too hot for the conditions and how hard you are working while snowboarding. Therefore sometimes, there is no substitute for a decent snowboarding hoodie. They give you a full range of motion, so you can move freely in the park. Also, they are not too hot, so you can stay comfortable when hiking back up to the run-in or riding on a mild day.

You need to wear the right clothing for snowboarding, and sometimes the best solution is a snowboarding hoodie. It has to look good, be comfy, and protect you from the elements. We like the Quicksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie for bad weather or the Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie for extra comfort.

The best snowboarding hoodies look great and are made of technical fabrics that help you to manage your body heat. I love riding in snowboarding hoodies, so I have compiled a list of my favorite ones for wearing on the slopes this winter. I have based my decisions on the hoodies’ features, warmth, comfort, style, and price.

The Best Snowboarding Hoodies

Compare Top Hoodies for Snowboarding

Hoodie NameOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece
Burton Crown
60A great all-rounder you can’t go wrong withCheck Out On Amazon
Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie
Quiksilver Live
80Top Pick
An ideal alternative for a snowboard jacket
Check Out On Amazon
Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie
Volcom Hydro
78Budget Buy
A cozy and water-repellent option for steezy riders
Check Out On Amazon
ThirtyTwo 4TS Stack Pullover
ThirtyTwo 4TS
68The best option for layeringCheck Out On Amazon
Oakley Rider Long 2.0 Hoodie
Oakley Rider
70A casual and versatile snowboarding hoodieCheck Out On Amazon
Volcom Women's Spring Shred Hoodie
Volcom Women’s
64A fantastic spring riding hoodie for womenCheck Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Snowboarding Hoodies

1. Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece

Review - Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece

Overall Score: 60


  • It looks great
  • Ideal for spring riding
  • You could wear it off the mountain
  • It has a phone pocket


  • Not for use on cold days on its own
  • It’s quite short


The Burton Crown weatherproof pullover fleece has a regular fit, which means it’s not too tight or too loose. It is also made from 100% recycled polyester, featuring Burton’s DRYRIDE Mist-Defy fleece interior.

This stuff repels water, even though it is nice and soft for extra comfort.

The hood has drawer chords, and the sleeves have stretchy cuffs and thumb loops, so the sleeves won’t ride up even when you’re snowboarding really fast.

It’s pretty practical, too, as it has a kangaroo pocket with an integrated phone pocket and a media port so you can listen to your tunes while you shred.


This hoodie is designed for mild temperatures and is best suited for spring riding or very mild days on the mountain.

This is not something you would wear on a powder day, even though it has an element of waterproofing.


The fleecy lining and regular fit make the Burton Crown weatherproof pullover fleece very comfortable. The fleece is also integrated into the hood, so it’s nice and soft around your ears.

The only downside is that it’s quite short, so you’ll need to make sure your pants are pulled up, and your belt is tight, or you will get snow down the back.


The regular fit looks cool, and you can choose from a few different colorways. The colors are quite muted but feature a camo style that makes them look different from the norm.


The Burton Crown’s style, and the fact that it’s not too thick, make it the kind of hoodie you would wear quite a lot, even off the mountain; therefore, it is reasonably priced.

You also get the benefit of Burton’s excellent warranty, so you can send it back if you find something wrong with it.

2. Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie – Best for Bad Weather

Review - Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie
Top Pick

Overall Score: 80


  • Almost a substitute for a snowboard jacket
  • Low weight
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • Only available in black


The Quicksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie is a half-zip hoodie made from technical materials to give you low weight, extra breathability, and warmth.

The 3K Quiksilver DryFlight® technology provides 3000 mm waterproofing and 3000g breathability; therefore, you’ll stay warm and dry on snowy days on the mountain.


This hoodie is an excellent alternative to a snowboard jacket for most of the time as it features Quicksilver’s Superior Warmth technology.

Also, the fact it only has a half sip means that wind is kept out, which is also helped by the hem adjuster system and the drawer cords on the hood.


Quicksilver has given this hoodie a relaxed fit, which means you will be very comfortable and have space to fit other layers underneath.

It is also quite long, like a snowboard jacket, so it should cover your behind and keep the snow out whether you’re slashing pow or sitting in the park.


This hoodie looks great with an almost retro style. Thanks to the large Quicksilver logo across the front and the classic logo subtly located above the hem.

It only comes in black, so don’t expect the retro style to be enhanced with retro colors, but not everybody wants that.


Considering the versatility of this hoodie, it is well-priced, especially when you compare it to a snowboard jacket. It won’t outperform a snowboard jacket all the time.

Still, it’s a good option if you want a minimalist pullover technical hoodie.

3. Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie

Review - Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 78


  • Highly water repellent
  • Breathable
  • Super comfortable
  • Built-in face mask


  • It can look a bit strange if you don’t use the face mask


The Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie is made from hydrophobic fleece material, so it will keep you warm and dry on chilly days.

It has a standard fit, features a storm hood to keep the elements at bay, and thumb holes so wind and snow won’t get inside. It also has a kangaroo pocket to keep your essentials safe.

This hoodie is a good choice if you are a casual snowboarder and want something that will keep you toasty and dry when the weather comes in unexpectedly.


Thanks to its 290g fleece material, you will stay warm in this hoodie. It is nice and thick, and the built-in facemask keeps you cozy when riding windy chairlifts.

In addition, the kangaroo pocket keeps your hands warm when walking home from the après ski bar at night.


The Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie is incredibly comfortable to wear due to the soft material and the way it keeps out the wind and snow. Its material is nice and soft, enhancing comfort further.


This hoodie looks pretty cool and has quite a relaxed fit with slightly longer arms and hem. This obviously contributes to the warmth and comfort, but it also plays a big part in how it looks.

There are four styles to choose from; one is a simple solid black color with a large Volcom stone logo on the front, while others feature camo, animal print, and two-tone colorways.


Volcom has managed to keep this hoodie’s price low for the warmth and comfort it provides. For very little money, you can have a great snowboarding hoodie that you can use in all but extreme conditions.

It is also a great option for casual wear, so you’ll be able to wear it more often to get your money’s worth.

4. ThirtyTwo 4TS Stack Pullover – Best Choice for Layering

Review - ThirtyTwo 4TS Stack Pullover

Overall Score: 68


  • Ideal for layering your clothing
  • A relaxed fit
  • From stretchy fabric
  • Water-resistant material and zippers


  • None


The ThirtyTwo 4Ts Stack Pullover is one of those hoodies that blurs the lines between hoodie and jacket.

It is made from a high-performance stretchy fabric that provides 600 mm of water resistance from its stretchy membrane.

This means you get all-season protection in a lightweight hoodie that allows unrestricted movement.


This hoodie is not an insulated piece of snowboard wear. It is a two-layer shell designed to add an element of waterproofing to your layering.

Therefore, you should carefully consider your layering strategy to suit the conditions you are riding in. Start with a good, technical base layer, and adjust your mid-layers to suit the temperature.

If you get your layering right, you’ll love how this snowboarding hoodie performs.


This hoodie has a very relaxed fit, which means you won’t feel any restrictions, so you can get low in your turns or spin off every feature in the park freely.

Comfort is also enhanced by the thumb holes, water-resistant zipper, and large hood, which help to keep the elements at bay.


The style of his hoodie is pretty cool. It has a nice fit and comes in two different colors.

The gold color has the 32 logo printed on the front and down the left arm in black, while the black version has these details in red. Either version looks excellent.


For such a technical piece of snowboard clothing that offers lots of versatility, 32 has priced the 4Ts Stack Pullover well.

It’s not too expensive, but you can be sure that you’ll get a quality piece of clothing that will keep you comfortable and dry while you are shredding.

5. Oakley Rider Long 2.0 Hoodie

Review - Oakley Rider Long 2.0 Hoodie

Overall Score: 70


  • It looks great
  • Water repellent
  • Ideal for spring riding
  • It can be used as a mid-layer


  • Not great in freezing temperatures


This hoodie from Oakley is made of technical fabrics with a durable water-repellent finish, which means it repels water to a certain point.

It has a performance fit, so it won’t restrict your movement when trying to perform your best on the mountain.

Unlike some lightweight snowboarding hoodies, this one has front zippered pockets, so you can keep your stuff safe whether you are snowboarding or in the après ski bar.


Oakley has made this a lightweight snowboarding hoodie, so it’s not designed to be worn as an outer layer in cold temperatures.

It is more for spring riding or as a mid-layer, so it’s actually quite a versatile piece of clothing.


You will like this hoodie’s comfort due to its soft material and fit. It’s also quite long, so it will provide extra coverage and help to stop the snow from getting into your pants.

This is helped by the elastic cuffs and hem.

With its durable water-repellent coating, you get light water-repelling properties.

This is enough for a slushy day or to keep you comfortable enough to get home quickly in an unexpected flurry of snow or rain showers.


This snowboarding hoodie looks great.

Thanks to its cut and quality material. It’s only available in the Poseidon blue color, but this color goes exceptionally well with the large Oakley thermonuclear protection logo on the front.


For such a versatile snowboarding hoodie, the Oakley Rider Long 2.0 Hoodie is excellent value. It’s one of those tops you will wear a lot, whether snowboarding, walking around town, or even chilling at home.

6. Volcom Women’s Spring Shred Hoodie – Best Choice for Women

Review - Volcom Women's Spring Shred Hoodie

Overall Score: 64


  • Looks really good
  • Ideal for slush bashing in springtime
  • Repels water exceptionally well for a hoodie


  • You’ll probably wear it too often


The Volcom Women’s Spring Shred Hoodie is ideal for slush bashing when the temperatures start to rise at the end of the season.

It has a long fit to provide coverage and keep the snow out. It is made from a polyester, hydrophobic fleece material, so you should still stay dry, even if you wipe out.

It has a zippered hand warmer pocket at the front, so you can keep your stuff safe and your fingers cozy when you’re not shredding.


The fleecy fabric is warm but not too warm, making it ideal for riding in milder temperatures or just walking around when you don’t feel like wearing a jacket.


This hoodie is made from super soft fleece material and has a relaxed fit, so you will feel very comfortable wearing it.

This is enhanced by the integrated neck warmer for when you need a little bit of extra coverage.


Volcom makes this hoodie in four different colors and styles. All of them look fantastic and complement the fit well. You can choose between solid colors or an awesome pink and white tie-dye pattern.


This hoodie is very well-priced, and there’s a good chance you’ll wear it a lot; therefore, it is excellent value for money. You may even want to buy more than one, so you have multiple styles.

Final Thoughts

I love riding in a snowboarding hoodie, as it gives you an extra level of freedom. Snowboarding hoodies don’t have the bulk of a snowboard jacket, so you have unrestricted movement.

Still, if you choose the right one, it can also provide a good layer of protection from the elements while looking good.

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